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Digital twin through scanning

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Örebroporten Fastigheter

Örebroporten Fastigheter works with developing sustainable environments in Örebro. The municipal real estate company manages a rentable area of approximately 360 000 square metres. 


Örebroporten Fastigheter wanted a 3D model of their real estate Riksbanken to help streamline their maintenance operations, and to be used as a basis for an upcoming renovation of the building. 


There are several methods for transforming a building into a searchable 3D information map. To use existing blueprints as a basis is without doubt the fastest and cheapest way, but for several reasons scanning made more sense in this case. Vyer therefore created a BIM model, that works for both maintenance and renovation purposes, based on a 3D scan. 


Lessons from creating a digital twin of Riksbanken based on a 3D scan 

Örebroporten Fastigheter is striving to make their maintenance more efficient through digital buildings. With 3D models produced by Vyer they are able to structurize and visualize data about different rooms and units, which makes it easy for maintenance staff to quickly find what they are looking for. 

For maintenance purposes simple BIM models based on blueprints, that are successively updated with information, more than suffice. In Riksbanken’s case however, the property owner was also planning on renovating the building with the 3D model as a basis. Having accurate measurements was therefore crucial, since even small errors can result in vast economic consequences when executing a thorough renovation. 

Why 3D scanning was the way to go

Bearing this in mind, there were two possible ways left to create the detailed BIM model that was requested; manual measurements or 3D scanning. For Riksbanken the latter was chosen, since the method is both faster and easier than the former option. 

While the use of existing blueprints does not come with any extra costs, scanning does. The current market price for scanning lies somewhere between 7-15 SEK per square metre, depending on the supplier as well as the size and complexity of the building in question. 

To laser scan the 3206 square metres of Riksbanken, a small building with few rooms, only took two days. Despite this, the price tag ended up being relatively high since the initial cost for a scan is the same no matter the size of the real estate. However, in this case the cost was motivated by the established need of a model with a high level of detail.

After the scanned data was collected, Vyer's professional 3D modeler could use it to manually determine measurements in different rooms, heights of walls, dimensions of doors, windows and stairs in a BIM program, creating a digital representation of Riksbanken in just three days. 


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