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Utilize existent BIM in maintenance

ICA Fastigheter

ICA Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies within retail. Their main task is to provide ICA with strategic premises in self-owned and rented real estate. Unlike many other real estate companies, they both produce and manage buildings. 


BIM-models from construction and renovation contain considerable amounts of information about important equipment, spaces, and the relationships in-between, that can also be of use in building maintenance. ICA Fastigheter wanted to find a way to utilize their valuable BIM-models in maintenance and optimize them for that purpose in the construction phase. 


Vyer has helped the property owner to integrate maintenance critical data from the BIM-model of a real estate in Enköping, with a digital 3D-map of the building. The maintenance crew now has access to the model in Vyer’s web-based real estate system, where they can add information and update it, and deal with error reports. Learnings from the project have also helped ICA Fastigheter to set specification requirements for new BIM-models.


Discover how ICA Fastigheter utilizes BIM in maintenance

By the end of 2017 ICA Fastigheter launched a pilot project whilst rebuilding ICA Maxi Stormarknad in Enköping. The purpose was to explore the benefits of a BIM-model for maintenance. Fast forward to today, the organization is able to actively manage the facility through the 3D-model on the Vyer-platform, making their everyday work easier.

"BIM will change everything" says Jonas Stenberg who works with digital property development at ICA Fastigheter, and has written a report on the project. 

More efficient maintenance procedures

Due to deficient information management, maintenance staff often spend frustrating amounts of time searching for necessary documents. With the web-based BIM-model, the organization in Enköping is now counting on only having to search for such information once, since it will thereafter be stored in the digital twin building where it can easily be found the next time. 

The ability to access and control information about the facility from a distance, will most likely decrease the need of transports back and forth, making maintenance procedures more efficient and sustainable. 

"By making the decision data more accessible, maintenance and building operations will be run more efficiently, since the staff will be able to focus their work hours on maintenance specific tasks" Jonas explains.

Increased benefits with more data

He also stresses the importance of having the whole organization take part in the information gathering, since that will help increase the value of the model quickly. The more relevant data about different spaces and units, as well as pictures and documents, that is added, the more useful the model will become to the maintenance team. 

A tool for error reports that was introduced as part of pilot project also helped give the organization a better understanding of what kind of errors that were reported, and their action status in real time.

Active maintenance through a 3D-model

"A whole new process was created, where the staff was actively managing the facility through the model" says Jonas Stenberg. 

He sees a lot of benefits with shifting from old paper blueprints to modern formats such as better communication, easier management and updating of information. A system that is easy to use will most likely result in more ongoing updates of objects and data and by proxy, information that can be trusted. 

"We are the ones who refine the model, and since the interface is so user-friendly, I am proud to say it is actually being done. We have noticed this in Enköping." 

Better specification requirements for new BIM-models

The experiences from the pilot project are now helping ICA Fastigheter in their work with digital twins for other real estate. Their gained knowledge of what details the maintenance crew require has already come to use when setting the specification requirements for a BIM-model of a new ICA store in Bålsta in 2020. 

"The maintenance organization is in favour of working with digital twins" says Jonas Stenberg.


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