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Simply save time

  • Quick access to the information you need

  • Make well-informed decisions with quality-assured information

  • Visit buildings from a distance to avoid unnecessary transport

Stay one step ahead

  • Plan actions and get notices

  • Find recurring errors to plan better prevention measures

Better collaboration

  • Easy communication with colleagues, tenants and suppliers

  • Share map pins to ensure you are talking about the same place and equipment



Real estate companies



Properties on the platform



Mapped square meters


What our customers are particularly happy about

Import Excel files 

Take advantage of BIM

Gather colleagues' knowledge

Plan assignments for yourself and your colleagues

Make sure your drawings are constantly updated

Good knowledge of your square meters

Better overview av


Connect sensor data and connect equipment to surfaces

Benefits you can get today

Less vulnerable organization

Get access to  a common information environment where the organization's collective knowledge is always available even when knowledgeable colleagues are not there due to illness, or have left the organization. 

Fewer costly downtimes

Plan and schedule preventive actions and receive time-based reminders so you never miss an important task. Analyze recurring problems and get better decision-making information for sustainable purchases. 

Features overview


We are here for the operation technicians and the manager of buildings! We provide the tools you need to improve the access to, and communication around, your building information.

This way you can put even more love into maintaining your properties.

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