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Streamline operation processes with location data  

Give your organisation access to maintenance tools powered by interactive maps and take care of your buildings even better. 


Errors reported directly on an indoor map

Tenants can now mark out where they need help in the building through a customizable form describing the problem including images. This allows you to assess the appropriate action remotely and assign the right resource instantly to save time and reduce the number of site visits.

Överblicka felrapporter i karta för snabb felsökning och åtgärd.
Planera in era uppdrag enkelt, se vem som ska göra vad och när.

Location based work orders

Plan and link different types of work orders and planned maintenance tasks to mapped equipment or specific locations. Receive reminders about recurring tasks, for example inspections or battery changes.


Inspections with map support 

Planning, carrying out and following up on systematic inspections is finally made easy. Create checklists and place control points on a 3D map. Set time intervals and assign a colleague or an external company.

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