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Increased maintenance efficiency with digital twins

Örebroporten Fastigheter

Örebroporten Fastigheter works with developing sustainable environments in Örebro. The municipal real estate company manages a rentable area of approximately 360 000 square metres. 


Due to inefficient maintenance and shattered communication property owners are losing billions of SEK on a yearly basis. Örebroporten Fastigheter therefore wanted to adopt an IT-system that enables cost savings and makes their organization less vulnerable. 


Since Fall 2019 Vyer has been working with Öreboporten Fastigheter to improve their information management and communication with the help of digital twins of buildings. 


Örebroporten Fastigheter is making critical maintenance information available

Building information generally tends to be spread out amongst different people, documents and IT-systems, therefore a lot of valuable time is spent on searching for information. In addition to that, the knowledge of individual staff members is often difficult to access when someone becomes sick, and risks get lost when someone decides to leave the organization.  

Like a Google Maps for buildings

By 3D-mapping building information on a shared digital platform, making the information searchable, Vyer is helping Örebroporten Fastigheter to eliminate such expensive issues. 

85 percent of the property owner's staff members have currently created an account on the Vyer-platform to access information about the buildings they work in. 

"This will result in a less vulnerable business. Everyone in the organization will have the information they need by hand. We will thereby become less dependent on individuals" says Jesper Hedlund from Örebroporten. 

Knowledge sharing brings the industry forward

The project, which has a budget of 5 million SEK, was granted support from the public innovation program Smart Built Environment that strives towards digitizing the community building sector. 

In return, Vyer and Örebroporten are sharing insights on how to mass produce information maps for maintenance in a quick and inexpensive manner. The spreading of the project results aims to help lower the threshold for other property owners who want to increase the efficiency of their operations.


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