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Go from reactive to proactive property management   

Digitize your properties and management processes. Streamline ongoing maintenance and reduce your climate impact. Building information has never been more easily accessible.

Digital twins

Transform your drawing archive into digital drawings and make them available to the entire organization.

Simplifies the management of drawings 
Ensures access to updated drawings
Increases access to searchable real estate data

Omvandla ert ritningsarkiv till digitala tvillingar.
Ta hand om era fastigheter ännu bättre med tillgång till smarta förvaltningsverktyg.

Management tools

Make the operation and management of your properties more enjoyable, as well as save time, money and the environment.

Enables error reports in drawings for tenants
Locates work orders quickly with location data
Facilitates inspections with map support

Data coordination

Automates data exchange with other systems (API)
Streamlines collaboration around data collection
Sorts quality-assured information by location (GIS)

Mass import data from files, integrate systems and digitize employee expertise.

Samordna information och spegla verkligheten i era byggnader.

Digitalization that creates value

Less vulnerable organization

Get access to a common information environment where the organization's collective knowledge is always available.

Reduced downtime

Plan and schedule preventive maintenance and receive reminders to ensure that you never miss an important task. 

News and press releases

Reflect reality in your properties

Property register

Overview information about your properties in table view and map.

Asset library

Get a better overview of your assets and their location.

Surface inventory

See which tenants sit where and how many square meters they use.

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